Conservation and Renovation Firm Piotr Białko was founded in 1993. It employs a steady interdysciplinary team, of art conservation specialists, fine art historians, specialists in construction area, technicians, and administrative staff. We also cooperate with architects, archeologists and specialists in chemistry, especially those who are experts in the research on historical monuments, and with interior decorators.

The Firm undertakes all realizations which are connected with conservation and restoration of wall painting, pictures, wooden polichromed sculpture, stone sculpture and architectural elements.
It carries out examinations and prepares projects for the conservation of historical monuments.
We cover complex interior renovation and the renovation of building elevations, we also renovate and change  metal - sheets  roofs.

The Firm is in the possession of resources and the equipment which enable it to undertake complex conservations and renovations of wide variety of objects with different technological requirements. Therefore  the  firm  is  well  equipped  with technical devices operated by well qualified staff.

The seat of the Firmis in Krakow, Poland, where there are studios specializing in conservation of paintings and sculptures.