Major projects:
Royal Castle "Wawel" in Krakow - historical seat of Polish Kings;
Parish church in Imbramowice near Krakow - XVIII c. church with original interior decoration;
St. Benedic's Abbey in Tyniec near Krakow - one of the oldest monasteries in Poland, founded in XI c.;
St. Catherine's church in Krakow - towerless basilica, one of the biggest Gothic churches in Krakow;
St. Augustine's Monastery in Krakow - being founded from XIVc. in Kazimierz district;
Town Hall of the Main Town of Gdansk - a representative seat of the Hanseatic Authorities, having been rebuilt several times since Middle Ages;
Artus' Mansion in Gdansk - old seat of the trade Gilds;
Protestant "Peace Church" in Swidnica - the Baroque building with wood frame-work construction;
Jesuit's church in Lodz - postprotestant, XIX c. Neo-Romanesque basilique with transept and front tower;
Monument of Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow - XIX c. statue of Polish most prominent Romantic poet;
Piarist church in Krakow - with rich Baroque interior both painted and with stucco;
St. Salome church and the Hermitage in Grodzisko near Skala - XVII c. pilgrimage place;
Town Hall in Poznan - one of the most valuable monuments of the Rennaissance architecture in Central Europe;
Old Synagogue in Kazimierz district of Krakow - XIV c. doublenave building with the Rennaissance attic;
St. Andrew church in Krakow - one of the oldest Romanesque churches in town;
Carmelite Nunnery in Krakow - the Baroque cloister on Kopernik Street in Krakow;
The Belvedere Palace in Warsaw - the seat of the President of the Republic of Poland;
Barbican in Krakow - XVc. fortificationof St. FlorianGate, part of Medieval city walls of Krakow;
Ksiaz Castle near Walbrzych - one of the largest castles in Silesia region, old seat of Hochberg family;
University of Wroclaw - Building of the Philology Department at Grodzka Street 12 in Wroclaw;
South Wing of the Old Town Hall in Olsztyn - Gothic elevations have been hidden under the claster for 250 years;
Vestry at St Jan Cathedral in Wroclaw - brick building, being an integral part of the cathedral constructed and changed from XIII th XV th centuries;
St Cross Church in Krakow - XIVth century building made from brick and stone, having a simple concise compact block;
The St Barbara Church at Mariacki Square in Krakow - Gothic church with Baroque interior, belonging to Jesuit Monastery;
The Building of the XIVc Infirmary northern wing of the Middle Castle in Malbork;
The Gothic Parish church in Dzikowice village near Szprotawa;